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Recently, I’ve been requested to put out a code sample. This blog is meant as dead for almost a year, but I visit its dashboard on a  monthly basis just by a habit.

To fulfill the wish of the requester, I visited http://www.box.net since I almost forgot how to use a file box that is the only way I knew last year to share files on a WordPress blog. To my utter amusement, this blog counting four thousand visits and the most of them are counted after I wrote the last post, this blog has been read but not used as a download place.

The box statistics shows that files weren’t downloaded by anybody except me:

Actually, I’m surprised if people copy/paste code instead of using code samples. Meanwhile, the download is simple, even despite being tricked on the first use, and the steps you need perform as follows:

1. Navigate your mouse’s cursor to the rigth until you find the gray box:

2. Using the triangle arrows at the top and/or the bottom of the box, you may opt the sample you are interested in.

3. Click on the sample chosen. The message appears as shown below:

4. As I may suppose your choise is the Download button. However, the first try is not always successful:

At the same time, the standard Windows File Save dialog appears. Choose the path you want to save a sample and save the sample. If your download was successful, you’ll see the positively-grey message like this:

Otherwise, the message ‘Now downloading…’ is shown endlessly. If so, just close it by clicking into cross at the upper-right corner to close the message and do the same sequence of actions. The second time always finishes with the sample on the your hard drive.

All the steps described above are proceeded in the Firefox 4.0 Beta 12 instance that is set by default and no doubts that you may download samples instead of copying the code from pages.


Written by Alexander Petrovskiy

March 12, 2011 at 7:44 am

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