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A couple of weeks ago, I set the world-wide visitors widget (I love geography and maps). My blog is not a very popular place, being updated only from time to time, but the analysis is interesting.

From an independent point of view, examples of Winforms applications running in PowerShell should be equally interesting to people across the globe. However, it’s not so, far beyond from being so.

Let’s look at the coverage:

The US and Europe are undoubtedly global leaders. Western counties are the very center of PowerShell power, great and useful. Asia contributes too. Antipodes visit, but relatively rarely. The visitors are widespread across the US, whereas European ones are concentrated due to comparatively small sizes of their countries.

The most deserted areas like North Africa, Middle Asia, Western Australia and Greenland as well as South-American and African jungles are not supposed to hit the blog. The question here is Russia, with exception for Saint-Petersburg (my visits I suppose) it looks like a desert. Especially oddly does it seem like a Sahara in its European part. What may be the cause of this desertification effect? As I heard, some people in Moscow are aware of powershell advantages. Perhaps, the imperial tradition not to learn language but imperial one prevents guests from reading the blog? There is no answer, and never will be until Russian non-visitors explain such an evasion. ūüôā


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