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WordPress inspired me with ‘Copy a Post’ tool (StatusStrip + ProgressBar)

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Today’s update announced by WordPress motivated me to add a ProgressBar to the same post that is about a StatusStrip. Why? One of two today’s new features is ‘Copy a Post’. What is it? In spite of the availability of that page, I’ll say a little about blogger’s work.

Usually, the PowerShell (or of any programming environment) blogger needs an idea, a time, a code that will be put out and a description. Also, categories and/or tags to make a post visible throughout the Internet.

WordPress provided such a very simple, even boring feature as a copying of existing post. But imagine that on May, 1st I bought a brand new, lightweight Android 2.2 netbook. A great thing for blogging, skyping and facebooking, it was brought to Finland on 2nd and used on the way to see Google maps. How long did I manage not to write a post? I wrote one today, not a post, but a pleasantry great deal of code. Great under these unusual circumstances as a non-Windows/Linux keyboard layout and lack of habitual tools support.

I used some RDP application (demo with no more one host at a time) to connect to my home Windows 7 with Script Editor and ISE. Some key sequences on an Android’s are not habitual, there aren’t such keys as Insert, Home (to a beginning of text string I mean), Del, all Fs (it’s really pity if you use Far or Unreal Commander). The right shift worked as Tab, the left one went weird from time to time, but the vast majority o code was written on Android’s keyboard!

When I was ready to save me first draft accomplished on an Android device, I noticed these features. How do you think whether I was glad or excited after all that fighting with Android OS? The post will be put out later, maybe tomorrow.

And now, this Copy a Post feature again helps me: I thought that there isn’t a reason not to all System.Windows.Forms.ProgressBar example to the very similar StatusBar code. No doubts, Copy a Post is the first I did.

After this long introduction, let’s turn to a sample. I added a progress bar, three radio buttons, two group boxes (to split up radio buttons to two groups) and added some additional code. Should I add more details? If so, please write request in comments.

I’ll simply describe the functions until questions arrived:

– setStatusStrip used for labels and a bar of the $script:stStrip control

– setProgressBar is the same but for a ProgressBar

– createRadioButton creates radio buttons and adds a handler to enable the user set a style to the StatusStrip and ProgressBar

Set-StrictMode -Version Latest
#region $form1
[System.Windows.Forms.Form]$form1 = New-Object System.Windows.Forms.Form;
$form1.Width = 500;
$form1.Height = 500;
[System.Windows.Forms.Button]$btnDirC = New-Object System.Windows.Forms.Button;
$btnDirC.Text = 'dir c:\';
$btnDirC.Left = 300;
$btnDirC.Top = 100;
$btnDirC.add_Click(([System.EventHandler]$handler =
[System.Windows.Forms.GroupBox]$script:groupProgressBar = `
	New-Object System.Windows.Forms.GroupBox;
$script:groupProgressBar.Left = 20;
$script:groupProgressBar.Top = 20;
$script:groupProgressBar.Width = 250;
$script:groupProgressBar.Height = 100;
$script:groupProgressBar.Text = "ProgressBar";
[System.Windows.Forms.GroupBox]$script:groupStatusStrip = `
	New-Object System.Windows.Forms.GroupBox;
$script:groupStatusStrip.Left = 20;
$script:groupStatusStrip.Top = 200;
$script:groupStatusStrip.Width = 250;
$script:groupStatusStrip.Height = 150;
$script:groupStatusStrip.Text = "StatusStrip";
$form1.Controls.AddRange(@($script:groupProgressBar, $script:groupStatusStrip));
function processDirC
	[int]$maxNumber = (dir c:\).Length;
	setStatusStrip -OperationName $null `
		-OperationProgress $null `
		-ProgressBarMinimum 1 `
		-ProgressBarMaximum $maxNumber `
		-ProgressBarValue 1;
	setProgressBar -ProgressBarMinimum 1 `
		-ProgressBarMaximum $maxNumber `
		-ProgressBarValue 1;
	[int]$counter = 1;
	dir c:\ | `
          setStatusStrip -OperationName $_ `
			-OperationProgress "$($counter) of $($maxNumber)" `
			-ProgressBarMinimum $null `
			-ProgressBarMaximum $null `
			-ProgressBarValue $counter;
		  setProgressBar  -ProgressBarMinimum $null `
			-ProgressBarMaximum $null `
			-ProgressBarValue $counter;
		  sleep -Milliseconds 500;
#endregion $form1
#region StatusBar
	(([System.Windows.Forms.StatusStrip]$script:stStrip = `
	#region StatusBar properties
	New-Object System.Windows.Forms.StatusStrip) `
	| %{#at the bottom of the window
		$script:stStrip.Dock = [System.Windows.Forms.DockStyle]::Bottom;
		$script:stStrip.Anchor = [System.Windows.Forms.AnchorStyles]::Top -bor `
		#layout style by default
		$script:stStrip.LayoutStyle = [System.Windows.Forms.ToolStripLayoutStyle]::Table;
		#operation name
		[System.Windows.Forms.ToolStripLabel]$script:stStripLabelOperation = `
			New-Object System.Windows.Forms.ToolStripLabel;
		$script:stStripLabelOperation.Text = "Write the operation name here";
		#which item is being processed
		[System.Windows.Forms.ToolStripLabel]$script:stStripLabelProgress = `
			New-Object System.Windows.Forms.ToolStripLabel;
		$script:stStripLabelProgress.Text = "Write the item number here";
		#the progress bar
		[System.Windows.Forms.ToolStripProgressBar]$script:stStripProgressBar = `
			New-Object System.Windows.Forms.ToolStripProgressBar;
		$script:stStrip.Name = "stStrip";
		$script:stStrip.AutoSize = $true;
		$script:stStrip.Left = 0;
		$script:stStrip.Visible = $true;
		$script:stStrip.Enabled = $true;
		$script:stStripLabelOperation.Width = 50;
		$script:stStripLabelProgress.Width = 50;
		$script:stStripProgressBar.Width = 50;
		$script:stStripProgressBar.Visible = $false;
	#endregion StatusBar properties
)	);
#endregion StatusBar
#region ToolStripLayoutStyle
	#region function createRadioButton
function createRadioButton
	$rb = $null;
	[System.Windows.Forms.RadioButton]$private:rb = `
		New-Object System.Windows.Forms.RadioButton;
	$private:rb.Name = $ControlName;
	$private:rb.Text = $ControlName;
	$private:rb.Left = 20;
	$private:rb.Top = ($Top.Value += 20);
	$private:rb.Width = 200;
	$private:rb.add_CheckedChanged(([System.EventHandler]$handler =
		if ($sender.Checked){
			if ($sender.Parent -eq $script:groupStatusStrip)
				$script:stStrip.LayoutStyle = `
				$script:pgBar.Style = `
	return $private:rb;
	#endregion function createRadioButton
[int]$top = 0;
	(createRadioButton ([System.Windows.Forms.ToolStripLayoutStyle]::Flow.ToString()) ([ref]$top)),
	(createRadioButton ([System.Windows.Forms.ToolStripLayoutStyle]::HorizontalStackWithOverflow.ToString()) ([ref]$top)),
	(createRadioButton ([System.Windows.Forms.ToolStripLayoutStyle]::StackWithOverflow.ToString()) ([ref]$top)),
	(createRadioButton ([System.Windows.Forms.ToolStripLayoutStyle]::Table.ToString()) ([ref]$top)),
	(createRadioButton ([System.Windows.Forms.ToolStripLayoutStyle]::VerticalStackWithOverflow.ToString()) ([ref]$top))
$script:groupStatusStrip.Controls[([System.Windows.Forms.ToolStripLayoutStyle]::Table.ToString())].Checked = $true;
#endregion ToolStripLayoutStyle
#region ProgressBarStyle
[int]$top = 0;
	(createRadioButton ([System.Windows.Forms.ProgressBarStyle]::Blocks.ToString()) ([ref]$top)),
	(createRadioButton ([System.Windows.Forms.ProgressBarStyle]::Continuous.ToString()) ([ref]$top)),
	(createRadioButton ([System.Windows.Forms.ProgressBarStyle]::Marquee.ToString()) ([ref]$top))
$script:groupProgressBar.Controls[([System.Windows.Forms.ProgressBarStyle]::Blocks.ToString())].Checked = $true;
#endregion ProgressBarStyle
#region function setStatusStrip
function setStatusStrip
	param($OperationName = "",
		  $OperationProgress = "",
		  $ProgressBarMinimum = 0,
		  $ProgressBarMaximum = 0,
		  $ProgressBarValue = 0
		try{$null = $script:stStrip;
			if ($OperationName -ne $null -and `
				$script:stStripLabelOperation -ne $null)
					$script:stStripLabelOperation.Text = $OperationName;
					$script:stStripLabelOperation.Width = 200;
			if ($OperationProgress -ne $null -and `
				$script:stStripLabelProgress -ne $null)
					$script:stStripLabelProgress.Text = $OperationProgress;
					$script:stStripLabelProgress.Width = 100;
			if ($script:stStripProgressBar -ne $null){
				if ($ProgressBarMinimum -ne $null)
					{$script:stStripProgressBar.Minimum = $ProgressBarMinimum;}
				if ($ProgressBarMaximum -ne $null)
					{$script:stStripProgressBar.Maximum = $ProgressBarMaximum;}
				if ($ProgressBarValue -ne $null)
					{$script:stStripProgressBar.Value = $ProgressBarValue;}
				if ($script:stStripProgressBar.Minimum -eq `
					{$script:stStripProgressBar.Visible = $false;}
					{$script:stStripProgressBar.Visible = $true;}
#endregion function setStatusStrip
#region ProgressBar
[System.Windows.Forms.ProgressBar]$script:pgBar = New-Object System.Windows.Forms.ProgressBar;
$script:pgBar.Left = 100;
$script:pgBar.Top = 150;
$script:pgBar.Visible = $true;
$script:pgBar.Minimum = 1;
	#region function setProgressBar
function setProgressBar
	param($ProgressBarMinimum = 0,
		  $ProgressBarMaximum = 0,
		  $ProgressBarValue = 0
		try{$null = $script:pgBar;
			if ($script:pgBar -ne $null){
				if ($ProgressBarMinimum -ne $null)
					{$script:pgBar.Minimum = $ProgressBarMinimum;}
				if ($ProgressBarMaximum -ne $null)
					{$script:pgBar.Maximum = $ProgressBarMaximum;}
				if ($ProgressBarValue -ne $null)
					{$script:pgBar.Value = $ProgressBarValue;}
				if ($script:pgBar.Minimum -eq `
					{$script:pgBar.Visible = $false;}
					{$script:pgBar.Visible = $true;}
	#endregion function setProgressBar
#endregion ProgressBar
$form1.ShowDialog() | Out-Null;

The code is downloadable as a script from here.


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