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Mortal combat: Coloring Masters Cup 1/2 final

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Who is the winner? Give the answer at last, may ask the intrigued reader. Well, the testing is almost over and soon comes the final. Two fightings were conducted, the honesty and independence is kept by using the same test script.

The first is between PowerGUI 2.4 (Copy as HTML) and IsePack of PowerShellPack:


Next, this is a note that IsePack of PowerShellPack works well with multi-string here-strings:


What? It spoils multi-string here-strings too? This is obviously the result of sequential savings of the post. The WordPress’s bug most likely.

At last, the bout between twins, SparkPlug for PowerGUI and SparkPlug for ISE:


The twins are equally strong, but SparkPlug for PowerGUI was declared the winner on points due to the real mess-up in the ISE menu if you have previously installed and run IsePack.

All the post protected with the password 123 so as not to harm too young and too impressive powershellers, and to preserve the Google Environment from duplicated search spam too.

We have a leader! Currently the strongest fighter of all the desktop applications and the common candidate is SparkPlug of Script-Automating!

What’s about the final? I’d expect that the delegate of the WordPress web-services (grown up on the Internet users’ needs, please note) are trying and be fit to fight sooner or later. Really couln’t help waiting, the simplicity of copy-paste and sourcecode tag and the ability to highlight row against the embedded desktop heavyweight is tickling my nerves.


Written by Alexander Petrovskiy

May 6, 2011 at 7:49 am

Posted in Powershell

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