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Reign over your network with only a Kindle?

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Although any kind of advertisement is not the intent I am writing on these pages, the latest buzz motivated me too to drop a word on web powershell.

Have you ever thought about how to manage your network(s) laying languidly upon the beach, tanning and using the worldwide free Internet access? I have. Now I’ll be showing the facts and you the reader is the judge if it is possible to administer maximally remotely from a resort or not yet.

The check list of preparations is of three items (with exception of course sandals, towels and so forth):

  • a Kindle connected to a some network (Wi-Fi or GSM 3G is what is needed) from $114
  • a Mobile Shell box – from one 3G KIndle or two Wi-Fi special offer’s Kindles apiece
  • some scripts, especially changing security settings or touching the file system your boss’s host, to make the life breathtakingly sharper.

At first, buy and register a Kindle and download your copy of MobileShell here. While the latter can be downloaded on a monthly trial basis, the former needs defraying (you may try to use Amazon Return policy, though. If your test failed only). Go throught the text below if you have already checked all items above.

Install the software as said here (won’t you read the manual going to a beach?) and out, out to the beach. Any tests on a Kindle can be performed from there, for what else reason you sponsored the development of Pearl screens buying it?

Let’s connect to the MobileShell host. The only note here is that you need use strictly the mobile version by typing https://host_name_or_address/MobileShell/mobile , otherwise the Kindle bravely tries to swallow the desktop version, its browser got swollen and died until the device restarts.

After Kindle said you your rights, you are connected and may or may not see the choice if somebody knowing your login and password, you for example, was last night here:

We are leaving out the Favorites list

since we wanted to run a script or a piece of code. Probably unlike you, I forgot to write scripts and will run something useless. Meet the Kindle PowerShell Code Editor:

Of two colors, black and white, isn’t it? The very conservative design, easier than ‘vi’, though.

Some English IntelliSense helped us and our script is ready!

The first run is in a second, take a sip of what you drink on the sand and press the Run button!

Oops, the folder where I stored screenshots is where I’m sitting and I’m sitting not on the MobileShell host. But it would have found the folder if I’d written right, beyond the doubts.


Written by Alexander Petrovskiy

May 19, 2011 at 8:49 pm

2 Responses

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  1. If you are on public WiFi or 3G, how do you get to the intranet MobileShell installation? Kindle cannot VPN, can it? So I guess you need some sort of reverse proxy like Webthority?

    Dmitry Sotnikov

    May 26, 2011 at 11:44 pm

    • My Android netbook (Toshiba AC100-116) can’t connect to intranet through Quest VPN too. MobileShell is a tool for administrators, thus it’s only their pain to have it workable. I hope that our technical writers will make up some words to encourage admins that it’s possibly in some way.

      In fact, Kindles are being capricious speaking about Wi-Fi connections. Any Wi-Fi network Kindle couldn’t go through and got the smell of the Amazon services is declared as non-workable in seconds. The best way is to use Kindle as a 3G modem with world-wide coverage and free below some traffic limit. Alternatively, some devices have a Wi-Fi spot onboard, so there may be a combination of a phone with 3G connectivity and a Wi-Fi transmitter and a Kindle with comparatively big screen and hardware keyboard.

      Alexander Petrovskiy

      May 27, 2011 at 4:50 am

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