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Kindle for PowerShellers. Part 2. Reading your favorite blogs. The Amazon’s way

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The Kindle gives great possibilities to read blogs you accustomed to follow. The first way to do that is what Amazon offers – the blog subscription. The number of blogs you may choose to subscribe is significant, so that there are ratings, categorizing  and search helping you.

By today, the extent of quality of pictures and the usability of reading long lines of text and code are not what all the users agree to accept. Therefore, the two weeks’ trial is the time you may decide whether you need or needn’t to subscribe. No more restrictions here, even hundreds of blogs can be tested for two weeks.

To see what does a PowerShell blog on a Kindle  like, let’s take one of officials blogs, the PowerShell Guy blog. Below is today’s article:

As can be seen, pictures are now allowed in blogs as well as in newspapers (only several months ago pictures were almost prohibited here and there, in newspapers). Unfortunately, pictures are not of perfect quality due to the promise to deliver a blog in sixty seconds including the transmitting over 3G networks. On the other hand, technical blogs are not for seeing photos.

Amazon provides two options to see more on pictures: to increase on a click

and to visit the source by clicking on the small icon at the right side of a picture.

Articles are collected to a something like a newspaper (newspapers I like more because of their Contents style):

Even with the smallest available font size the contents is worse, to my mind, than those in a newspaper:

The contents in a newspaper or in a magazin is always of one page, whilst for the blog we took we see seven pages, what is sometimes even more than in some books of a thousand pages.

Owing to the discrepancy between text rendering in an HTML page and the Kindle screen, text and code are readable, but even with the smallest font the lines are longer than the width of a Kindle screen:

To conclude this review (and to turn to a review of alternative ways to read blogs), there’s time to say that you are usually charged to pay for this service from $0.99 to $1.99 a month. So that it’s your clue to choose blogs that to be updated daily or weekly, the more the blog is informative, the more often it gets updated, the more money Amazon ask for reading it.


Written by Alexander Petrovskiy

May 26, 2011 at 10:01 am

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