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Kindle for PowerShellers. Part 3. Reading your favorite blogs. Instapaper

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In the previous post of this series, we tested Amazon’s blog subscription. Now we must review an alternative solution, because it’s so common in the modern world to have free and/or open source counterparts of almost every application. I’d like to announce the Instapaper service review!

At first, let’s look at their version of how to publish blogs. The Contents is, in my opinion, better than the one Amazon compiles (but contents list of newspapers and magazines I like the most):

The View Articles List layout is exactly the very layout in Amazon’s subscriptions:

The following pictures display the article itself, the same one we tested earlier:

No pictures is added to an article, thus I’ll give only one screenshot to help you comprehend how much and, at the same time, how infinitesimal the difference between paid and free solutions.

The paid solution provides pictures, but the free one provides the better contents list. One thing to finish this comparison is to go the same way the user must go every time one wishes to download a new issue.

After registration on the Instapaper page, the registration is free, but you are given the possibility to pay $1 a month to support the project, you might begin collecting your articles list. Mine, used as an example for the subscription shown above, is today as follows:

The figure shows several noticeable things:

  • The ‘Add folders’ link to make the Contents of your issue organized in a manner you’d prefer
  • The ‘Read Later’ bookmarklet, the mechanism which you will use to gather pages you want to have in the issue
  • The Download options, where the central of them allows you to compile the issue right now and download it to a computer, whence you may sent it to a Kindle through wire or air.

I rarely use the first bullet owing to the perpetual lack of time, so that let’s immediately discuss the second one. After installing the bookmarklet, all the work you need to perform is to navigate to a page you want to add and to click the button. A monotonous, but not a very long and Amazon’s paiments-free task.

When your collection is replete with articles and you are ready to compile the issue (automated compilation and sending to a Kindle never worked for me), it’s about time to visit the ‘Account Settings’ section:

By clicking on the ‘Manage my Kindle settings’ link, you are in the very heart of your subscription:

Here you may set delivery settings and the address of your Kindle. Don’t forget to click on the ‘Save changes’ button. Also, here is one of the most interesting features of this service, the ‘Send now’ button, the button I used to demonstrate the issue.


Written by Alexander Petrovskiy

May 26, 2011 at 10:11 pm

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