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The UIAutomation module is out

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The blog that specializes in software testing using PowerShell has published an announcement about the release of a new module, the UIAutomation module.

Along with the WASP module, this one is the only native PowerShell tool for testing. Tools like white, watir or MS TestAPi are not very easy to implement in your PowerShell scripts. At least, you need to create wrappers, what is the additional and not ever needed work.

Instead, native PowerShell modules are intended to be used within script, fully support pipelining (not interchangeble with each other so) and make life of PowerShell warrior a bit easier.

I happened to be one of a small team of early adopters of the UIAutomation module, and need to say that the module works almost well (and definitely the thing that is good for its $0).

The download link: http://uiautomation.codeplex.com/releases/view/82076#DownloadId=340717


Written by Alexander Petrovskiy

February 12, 2012 at 11:03 am

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  1. Sorry to bug, but I’ve spent days trying to find and download the actual code now. All codeplex links go to project pages with “download” links which do not include binaries. I can’t find WASP or UIAUTOMATION. Do you have either/both of these can can you provide a (temp) link to the binaries for these please? Thank you!!!


    April 20, 2018 at 6:19 pm

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