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About features of LinkedIn…

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Sometimes people ask me to join their groups. Unfortunately, I can’t. I can’t join group for a couple of years. And here is why:

“Hi Frances,
many months ago I exceeded the number of groups I could join. It even seems to me that in early times people could join more groups than these days. This means that to try to join one more group I need to leave several groups.
This experiment (leaving group by group until I could join a group) is very odd to me. Sorry, Frances. Linkedin should say sorry, of course, but these guys do strange things instead of things that people need (extended group membership, for example).
What is the idea to allow people set pluses on other people’s skills? I had a number of pluses set on those skills I never had. What is the meaning of this feature? I have five pluses set on Jira (the service I never used), seven pluses on Oracle (the last time I used Oracle was in 2004).
I think that our (ordinary users’) common task is to press this team (Linkedin’s) to make the service more meaningful to us.



Written by Alexander Petrovskiy

August 15, 2014 at 6:35 am

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