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Modules, plug-ins, add-ons

PSDevStudioLite.SuiteCore has no independent download


FormGen.zip first introduced here is the predecessor of PSDevStudioLite.PowerShellWizard (coming soon)

Powershell samples

‘How to deal with some WinForms control’ series

HowToDealWithAListViewControl.zip described here How to deal with a ListView control

HowToDealWithRoutedEventParameterInWPK.zip illustrating How to deal with -RoutedEvent parameter in WPK

HowToDealWithAComboBoxControl.zip referring to How to deal with a ComboBox control


HowToDealWithAStatusBarControl.zip from here and especially here

Script and module templates

Wizard template (a temporary sample I suppose)


.NET samples

QADinGUI.zip relating to both Using Quest cmdlets from .NET. The complete walkthrough and Using Quest cmdlets from .NET. The complete walkthrough. Part 2




Written by Alexander Petrovskiy

March 27, 2011 at 7:29 am

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