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Source Control, PoshCode or Cloud?

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How do you individual scripters store your scripts at a time they are not finished?

For companies and groups of scripters, undoubtedly, source control systems available across the Internet is the best choice. In case you need to obtain a specific information like who changed particular pieces of the code or have date-time labels set automatically, nobody argues that these systems do it well. But, from the point of view of a script-writing individual, this way requires extra preparations, including source control client being set across the hosts one uses to run and tune a script, sometimes firewall settings should be taylored to allow access to.

When scripts are released, there is no hesitation that global storages like SourceForge, CodePlex or PoshCode are the reasonable choice to share your code. Beforehand their upload there, the question on where do I save a draft is not answered. Maybe, with an exception for portals providing both publishing facilities and source controls ones. With aforementioned restrictions.

Alternatively, geeks might use flash memory, since no one commutes or moves from place to place without a mobile, some media player or even storage embedded in almost anything similarly to represented here http://goo.gl/MmOWD .

Recently, I found one more possibility to get access to my drafts across the Internet. No, this is not my mailbox (though it’s also in use for these purposes). It’s not a box.net, a plug-in I use for this WordPress blog, too. It’s Amazon CloudDrive.

If an ad-blocking system in your browser hasn’t cut off the tail fo this post, I’m glad to drop a couple of words about this free filebox. They give us 5 gigabytes of place gratuitously, we are permitted to upload files as to pre-created folders as well to folders of our choice.

In the picture above, my new personal dropbox is shown. As can be seen, I created the folders structure /Projects/PS for my draft scripts. It will be filling as I change any of my scripts, at least as an additional protected storage in case of emergency like hard drive crash.

If one bought an mp3 album, the place it took are not substituted from yours 5GB. Moreover, you obtain twenty gigabytes on everyday buying only one mp3 album, details of the bargain explained here http://goo.gl/2F8YE .

Not surprisingly, that you now can use this storage for listening to files you bought at the Amazon’s cornershop, by using Cloudplayer. However, if you are an audiobooks consumer like me, not a musician, there is no solution solving the problem how to use the CloudPlayer for enjoying books.

Anyway, this is a perfect storage for quotidian use, even before ou have a plugin to put your files there and back to you directly from Powershell. Has anybody written a sample yet that can be rewritten as a module intended for handling data is this storage?


Written by Alexander Petrovskiy

April 8, 2011 at 7:24 am

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